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Good practice, right? Instead of responding right away, the young man took to moving around some of the food on his plate — in this case pasta and bread — and bought himself a little time.

"Home. Celia's been sick and Aaron's just gettin' over it so Paige didn't want them travelin'. Tough break, but considerin' how crazy people are bein'," John said, a pointed look tossed in Barney's direction, "might be better for 'em." He gestured for his so-called "sister" to take what she wanted from his plate while he sat forward and pulled his wallet from his back pocket. A couple seconds of investigation on his own part and he tabled it and pushed the whole thing in her direction.

"Got some school pictures from this year if you wanna see." There were no pictures, but it would allow her a glimpse of his license, which would at least tell her his real name. If she wanted to be particularly snoopy, she would also find a decent amount of cash, probably close to $300 in $20s, and a sparse collection of business cards with handwritten information.

Amidst all of this, John finds himself wondering if this was what a real, normal life felt like. He'd had something akin to it working in Gotham, but no family to speak of, and no kids to boast about. No, this felt particularly strange and oddly inviting when placed against the carbo-loading, non-stop jet-setting, rigorously scheduled existence meant for nothing but training that had been defining his life for more months than he'd be willing to admit.

"Shoulda brought some extras," he added, far too late to make it sound like anything but an out-of-place after thought. "Sorry."

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