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"Track marks," Blake corrected. "Probably heroin." His voice is held low to avoid carrying around the bar area, but there's little speculation beneath the near-whisper. Being inconspicuous had been something he'd been working on, but the sudden shock of seeing the woman in red drop to the floor had actually managed to surprise him.

His eyes drifted between those helping the woman and sweaty Barney, and before too long he was up out of his chair.

Apparently wary of letting anyone leave, the chef held up a hand as Blake stood, his voice becoming insistent. "Please, sir, please, do not interfere. We are handling with, ah... with medical doctors and everything will be fine, do not worry. You will have a drink. Please, sit. Please."

John hardly heard what the little man had said, his attention keenly focused as the creeper at the bar began making his way out of the area. He gestured, pointing it out to the chef in order to divert his attention. "What about that guy? Looks like he could use a drink, too. Prob'ly before he leaves," the young man said pointedly.

"Ah, ah!" The chef for the hotel seemed just as concerned about Barney and raised a hand as he rushed away to stop him from leaving as well.

"You wanna go, now's your chance," Blake suggested to Veronica, rounding his chair and searching in the pockets of his jacket. He obviously had no intention of leaving himself, but he guessed the girl was smart enough to take a cue. "Not sure this is something you wanna see," he finished as he finally located a couple pieces of paper wrapped around something shiny and suspiciously vial shaped, which he consulted immediately.

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