veronicamarshmallow: (Oh)
Veronica ([personal profile] veronicamarshmallow) wrote 2012-12-09 03:25 am (UTC)

Go? Not likely! Even after a long day of travel, most of which had been very trying, a collapsed woman and a Filipino acting suspiciously were right up her alley. If nothing else, she intended to get her free drink.

"Hey, buddy, I'm just doin' what I was told," she informed Blake. "And anyway, something feels off about all of this, and if the cops show, I intend to be a very vocal witness."

At that moment, a rotund gentleman in a sharp suit strolled in, and upon seeing the calamity at the bar, exclaimed, "Marilyn!" He rushed to her side and just about tossed the barmaid out of the way to kneel beside the prone figure.

"And it looks like another player just strolled onto the scene," Veronica noted, largely to herself. Monologuing had become something of a second nature to her; stakeouts could be very dull, and she found it passed the time.

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