veronicamarshmallow: (Questioning)
Veronica ([personal profile] veronicamarshmallow) wrote 2012-12-12 04:19 am (UTC)

She was usually the one running interference, not providing it, but she nodded stiffly. "You got it, bro." She smiled and sent him on his way, making a show of digging into her bag for something. She located her phone and withdrew it, seamlessly blending into the background as just another face obscured by a black rectangle.

She called up the image capture software on her cell and began watching the action unfold on her screen as a video. The young black chef returned to the scene and stepped off into a sidebar with the barmaid. The Filipino man was behind the bar, mixing a drink and speaking into a phone cradled between his ear and neck.

Barney was off to one side, clutching his briefcase in both hands and looking very much like he wanted to melt into a sweaty puddle on the dark floor. Marilyn and her overwrought... friend were huddled in the middle. Or rather, the man was huddled, and he'd dragged her lifeless body up to his chest and he appeared to be whispering into her ear.

Her new friend approached the scene and she dutifully watched and waited for her cue.

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