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As he approached with caution, Blake fixed his face with an appropriate expression of concern. The woman was shifting uncomfortably in the hands of the her brutish companion, but from the angle she was being held, it was impossible to tell whether she was understanding the whispers or just riding through whatever effects the heroin was having.

"How is she?" He asked, crouching down next to the pair, his hands shoved into the pockets of his jacket.

The man turned his head to look at Blake, expression blank for a long enough moment that it might be questioned whether he was in touch with reality at all. Soon enough, though, he rested his cheek against the woman's hair to obscure her face even more and grunted out a reply. "You a doctor?" Blake shook his head. "Don't need no audience," the guy added warily.

"How 'bout a good Samaritan? She'll do better if you get her up and movin'," he offered, but as he man tensed, it was clear the advice wasn't wanted.

"You'll do better if you get the fuck away."

"Got it. Loud and clear," John responded immediately, a conciliatory nod following up his words. As he stood, he reached a hand out to grasp the man's shoulder in a sign of support, but it did little more good than provide him a proper hiding place to put the little sticker tracker around the edge of the collar of his suit.

As he walked back in Veronica's direction, he shrugged, feinting a look of uncertainty. "Thanks. Guess they didn't need help after all," John told her, but he was already halfway distracted as he fished out his phone to ensure the tracker was transmitting properly.

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