veronicamarshmallow: (You Don't Say)
Veronica ([personal profile] veronicamarshmallow) wrote 2012-12-21 05:39 am (UTC)

There was a whole second during which Veronica wondered if she was the buffoon in question, but she ruled it out as an impossibility. Veronica was an asset to this sort of situation, and she knew it.

"Look, I'm not trying to get myself tangled up in whatever this is," she lied. "It's just a habit. I have a tendency to..." she trailed off, briefly reevaluating where she was headed with that sentence. She'd originally intended to say, "find trouble" but she thought better of admitting that so early.

Instead, she tagged on, "...involve myself." Whew - got that in there before the pause stretched from "quirky, yet still reliable" to "crazy and has just lost her train of thought."

"Anyway," Veronica pushed on, casting a glance back at the scene. "I can help. I'm a PI." She hadn't quite passed her PI exam yet, but she'd begun studying. And the on-the-job training she'd had? Well, it was worth a bit more than the three hundred bucks she'd be shelling out in a few months for the state of California's seal of approval.

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