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John Blake ([personal profile] thinblueline) wrote in [personal profile] veronicamarshmallow 2012-12-02 06:36 pm (UTC)

"You know, uh... turbulent," he joked, trying his darnedest to keep his tone light (although, considering that landing, it wouldn't have been a lie). As he took in the blonde girl across from him, he wondered if this was the sort of thing he dealt with often, or if she was just good at off-the cuff improvisation.

A cursory glance over his shoulder is disguised as a waning interest in the arrival of his food, but in reality Blake was taking a better look at the man at the bar out of the corner of his eye. The drink he had was nursed if the slivers of remaining ice were any indication, and there was no doubt the man was intent on listening in on their conversation from afar.

John returned his attention to his sudden-sibling. "Any idea when they'll get your bags back?"

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