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Thursday, 9:45 PM | LaGuardia Airport Marriott

It had not been what Veronica would ever have considered a good day.

Not only had she missed her connecting flight to Ithaca, the airline had "misdirected" her single piece of luggage to Virginia. When she'd been waiting on a shuttle to her hotel, she'd been splashed from head to toe with slush by a passing cab. And now that she was dining the a dimly lit hotel bar, the last thing she wanted to deal with was a friendly travelling salesman named Barney - recently divorced, wouldn't you know? - chatting her up from his place at the bar.

About two-thirds of the way through her meal (hurried because of the unwelcome company), another gentleman entered and sat at the bar. As soon as it was apparent Barney was going to invite himself to her table, Veronica took her only opportunity to escape without outright telling the man to piss off. She gathered up her purse with a hurried "excuse me" hurled at Barney.

Veronica crossed the bar to where the man had just ordered. "Where have you been, bonehead? I was starting to worry!" She threw her arms around the stranger and embraced him warmly (hoping against hope he wasn't a worse kind of creep). Veronica whispered roughly into his ear, "Pretend to be my brother, okay? Please."
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Airports happened to be one of John's least favorite destinations, and with as much traveling as he'd done lately, it was probably no wonder. There was always a chatty soul in the next seat over, or a screaming kid running around the terminal, fully ignored by no one but their lackadaisical, overly-listless caretakers. If it wasn't one type, then it was another, or any number of vagabonds with little else on their mind than finding a way to make traveling as unpleasant as possible across the board.

So, when Blake was grabbed and held against a warm body with a familiarity that spoke of old friends, the first thing that crossed his mind was that he'd found another person more than willing to make his airport experience memorable in the way you only consider telling your therapist. For just a brief moment, he considered rebutting the bonehead remark, but he whispered words stemmed any immediate response while he listened.

"Wha-?" He began, reflexively not wanting to follow the directions asked of him; however, a glimpse over the girl's shoulder at the leering man quickly put everything into perspective. Drawing back, John grabbed on to the girl's shoulders and gave her his best impersonation of a familiarly longing gaze. "Hey, sis! Didn't even see you there, you... sneaky thing," he responded, bordering a new level of lameness. Gotta work on that ad-libbing, apparently. "How long've you been there? I was just gettin' worried I'd never find you in this place." So worried he'd ordered dinner, in fact.